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India Emporium Mall

October 24, 2009

India Emporium Mall
Open Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm
Call: 02-6239301
Address: 561/77 Jakkraplach Rd. Wongburapapirom Phranakorn Bangkok 10200

The India Emporium Mall (อินเดีย เอ็มโพเรี่ยม) is a nice little mall in the heart of “Little India” near Chinatown in Bangkok, off of Jakkraplach Road. It has 4 levels and consists of many clothing shops and 2nd level has TONS of cloths for sale, for rugs, bed sheets, and for furniture. Also India Emporium has tons of banks and ATMS mostly on the 3rd level, Bangkok Bank, TMB, Kasikorn Bank, and Thanachart Bank. Also the 3rd level has a tiny little game center, with ping pong, basketball, and a few computer games and racecar games also. 4th level consists of only a food center called “Food Paradise” but unfortunately most of the food shops were closed when I was there today.

What  to Eat: India Emporium first floor has an Oishi sushi bar, a tiny MK Restaurant, Black Canyon, Dunkin Donuts, and has a “Food Paradise” on 4th floor, it has a lot of  indian and thai foods, you must buy a card 1st to use for payment. About half of the Food Paradise food stands were closed though.
The Bathroom: The bathrooms are nice and clean, but they dont have toilet paper tissue in the stalls, you can buy it for 2 baht (about 5 cents)  in a machine located there in the bathroom though

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4 Responses to “India Emporium Mall”

  1. Good Day

    I was at the Indian Emporium, Bangkok in 2012 and there was a shop which sold invitations (wedding). I would like to make contact with the owner. Can you please forward me the email address or name and telephone number of the shop.

    Zorina Dawood

  2. Hi Zorina, I can check it out for you in 2 weeks, is that fine with you?

    If yes, please provide me with as much detailed info you can, and i’ll search, find, and get all the info you asked for 🙂

    Have a good day.


  3. Hi

    I in the meantime managed to find the store on facebook. I will make contact with the owners in this way.

    Many thanks for your efforts


  4. You are very welcome Zorina 🙂

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