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Amsterdam Entertainment

November 25, 2009

Amsterdam Entertainment (used to be called Champ Elys’ees)
Open Daily N/A
Website: (currently the site is offline)
Call: 02-642-0801 or call Petch’s cell 089-204-8899
Address: 333 Asoke-Din Daeng Rd., Din Daeng. Bangkok 10400 (MRT station: Phraram 9)

Amsterdam Massage is a nice place to go early in the night, to have a few beers, eat a little food and if you’re into massage and/or soapie then you should choose a girl and go enjoy that aspect of this place, for me, I chose to just chill with beers and talk to friends. Sometimes they even have live bands there too.

The Menu:
What I Ate: I had an Asahi beer, didnt eat any food as we gazed at the beautiful massage girls
The Staff: Very nice staff, always approached by a manager and she/he will discuss with you the prices for the massage girls, otherwise there is no hassle
The Bathroom: I’m impressed with the bathrooms here, very clean and big



thai friendly
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