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Amsterdam Entertainment

November 25, 2009

Amsterdam Entertainment (used to be called Champ Elys’ees)
Open Daily N/A
Website: (currently the site is offline)
Call: 02-642-0801 or call Petch’s cell 089-204-8899
Address: 333 Asoke-Din Daeng Rd., Din Daeng. Bangkok 10400 (MRT station: Phraram 9)

Amsterdam Massage is a nice place to go early in the night, to have a few beers, eat a little food and if you’re into massage and/or soapie then you should choose a girl and go enjoy that aspect of this place, for me, I chose to just chill with beers and talk to friends. Sometimes they even have live bands there too.

The Menu:
What I Ate: I had an Asahi beer, didnt eat any food as we gazed at the beautiful massage girls
The Staff: Very nice staff, always approached by a manager and she/he will discuss with you the prices for the massage girls, otherwise there is no hassle
The Bathroom: I’m impressed with the bathrooms here, very clean and big



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4 Responses to “Amsterdam Entertainment”

  1. I’ve visited the Amsterdam Entertainment once, long stretched with much space inside. I liked how the girls were priced by class, the prettier the girl the higher price you pay. Good variety of beers too! The food was decent but prices bit overrated.

  2. I heard there is now a 500 baht entry fee for all farangs at Amsterdam Entertainment, can anyone confirm or deny this?

  3. There is no cover change. I was there yesterday and was only changed for my drinks, food and bath/massage.

  4. Ok Thank you Eddie.
    Great to know, no entrance fee 🙂

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