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Sunrise Tacos

December 21, 2009

Sunrise Tacos
“Bangkok’s best mexican grill”
Open Daily 24 hours
Call: 02-229-4851
Address: Located between Soi 12 and Soi 14 on Sukhumvit Rd in the Leader Price Complex. And now a 2nd location at Emporium 5th Floor Park Food Hall with 400 seats for seating


Sunrise Tacos

The Menu: The menu at Sunrise Tacos in Bangkok is awesome if you are a mexican food lover, they have all the basic (americanized) mexican dishes, like tacos of course, nachos, chicken tortilla soups, chicken wings, and you can even build your own tacos. They have monster burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, and enchiladas too, with some great guacamole dips, and for salsa they have tons, which I personally LOVE! Tomato (mild), Sunrise Salsa (medium), Much Mango (medium), Lalo’s Hot and Sweet (medium), John’s Hot (hot), John’s Super Hot (hottest) gotta love that hot hot stuff! For drinks they have margarita’s, all kinds of beers including Corona and Salitos (tequila beer)
What I Ate: I had the build-your-own-tacos, with carnitas (pork), cheese, guacamole, onions, lettuce and tomatoes, and I now order this same dish about once/week haha, you can say I’m kind of addicted
The Staff: The staff was very friendly and speaks English very well, I’ve noticed there have even been some filipinas that were waitresses there
The Bathroom: The Sukhumvit Sunrise Tacos does not have a bathroom unfortunately


Extras: Sunrise Tacos is 1 of the few places in Bangkok that have 24 hour delivery, that is so great for us that work the night shifts especially

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6 Responses to “Sunrise Tacos”

  1. Sunrise Tacos is definitely the best place to enjoy Mexican food in Bangkok. I have tried the ground beef and baja Tacos and was delighted. But my favorite dishes are the Nacho Supremes and the Chicken Quesdillas especially with John’s Hot Salsa and sour cream. Just simply love it as I eat there every week. Friends I go with, always enjoy as well. I have been to all three locations at Sukhumvit Soi 12, the Emporium 5th floor and at the Siam Paragon on the ground floor.

    By the way in reference to the first comment, the Soi 12 location does have a toilet in the Strip Mall center and Sunrise customers do not have to pay the 5 Baht fee as Sunrise provides it.

    After 10:30 pm you can order online through the Chefsxp service or you can also call Sunrise 02 – 229 – 4851 which has a 24 hour delivery. I have used both.

    I am a happy man since Sunrise Tacos is around, never had a bad meal and its a great value.

  2. Hey! I’ve never had a bad meal there either, 🙂 i always enjoy, and sometimes if i order the delivery i’ll order a LOT so that i can eat for lunch the next day (microwave it) lol

    I’m half mexican, so having a mexican resto in Bangkok is a treat for me!!!!

    ……would love it tho, if they can get some real mexican chorizo for chorizo and potato enchiladas, or chorizo and eggs, or chorizo topping on tostadas, yes i’m a chorizo addict!!!

    I never knew about that bathroom there, that is awesome then, i’ll check it out next time i’m there 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about the fire at Sunrise Tacos on Sukhumvit Soi 12

    That is the Sunrise I always go to, so I hope it’s back up when I get back to Bangkok next week, otherwise i’ll go insane without authentic mexican foods!!!!!

    Oh, and it’s a blessing that nobody was hurt 🙂 VERY good news for that

  4. I was flying on Cebu Pacific Air last night and reading their Smile Magazine, this woman mentioned Sunrise Tacos as 1 of her favorite restaurants in Bangkok

  5. 6am now, just finished eating the biggest breakfast burrito i’ve ever seen, from Sunrise Tacos, and man, it was delicious!!!
    Filled with eggs, cheese, potatoes, mmmmmmm all wrapped in a flour tortilla
    Aroi mak mak!

  6. There is a brand new Sunrise Tacos branch on the 4th floor in Terminal 21 shopping mall in Sukhumvit Asoke area

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