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Triple O’s

January 15, 2010

Triple O’s
“Triple-O’s Go brought to you by White Spot”
Open Daily 10:00 am – 10:00 pm every day
Call: +662 613 1640
Address: Central Food Hall, Central World Plaza, 7th floor, 4, 4/2-3, 4/4 Ratchadumri Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 (Many more locations, mostly in Hong Kong, list of locations here)


If you’re wandering around Central World with an empty tummy I would highly advise you stop and try Triple-O’s famous burgers, they are big juicy and wonderful! All their burgers are made with 100% pure beef patties. They even have a breakfast menu! And another perk about eating in CW in general is that you can enjoy your meal while surfing the net, they have Wifi available!

The Menu: They have a breakfast menu, and a lot of big burger combo meals, and even a veggie burger combo for you wonderful vegetarians (I salute you!)
What I Ate: I eat the Triple O’s original burger combo (200 baht, approx $6 US) which was delicious, topped with famous Triple “O” sauce, lettuce, and tomoato, comes with french fries and a 12oz coke, mmm, I was actually heading there today! LOL
The Staff: The staff in my many visits to Triple O’s was great, friendly and spoke a tiny bit of English
The Bathroom: Triple O’s is inside Central World, so you’ll need to use the public restrooms there, which are always big and kept very clean

Extras: Wifi available in Central World
Fun Fact: The first Triple O’s was opened in downtown Vancouver in 1995. Now there are 44 in Canada, 5 in Hong Kong and one in Bangkok.

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One Response to “Triple O’s”

  1. That’s just sad, that was my favorite burger joint in Bangkok 🙁

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