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Hinsuay Namsai Resort Hotel

April 16, 2010

For Songkran, I decided to get out of Bangkok to a more quiet place, so I chose to go Rayong for the few days during Songkran, here’s a review of my hotel there.

Hinsuay Namsai Resort Hotel
“The best for anyone who really loves to spend their unlimited imagination with hillside nature and the sea”
Open 24hours/day
Call: 0-3863-8260-5
Address: Hinsuay-Namsai Resort Hotel, 250 Moo 2, Sakpong District, Klang, Rayong 21190, Thailand


The Rooms: The room I had at Hinsuay Namsai was very big, and had a very big balcony, a little table and chairs, a desk and a minibar with drinks. The bathroom was big too, the water wouldn’t get hot at times, but otherwise I think the room was a good value, except for the fact that there was no internet in room, that is a huge downfall for me (internet in hotel lobby only). And it was nice when we 1st walked into the room they had the aircon blased already, and it is very powerful, great for when it’s really hot in Thailand. The tv channels only have Thai language stations, so it’s very difficult for those who cannot speak Thai to enjoy watching tv, but then again, at a nice resort why spend time indoors watching tv anyways, right!?! hehe. In Chomsamed building rooms range from 1600 – 3000 baht. In the Plernpim building rooms range from 1900 – 12000 baht per night
The Menu:
What I Ate: Kua Kling Moo was very delicious, and so was the namprik kapi
The Staff: The hotel staff was very nice and friendly, they brought the 2 prong adapter to my room when I needed it, they worked on fixing the wifi internet in lobby when it was down, and assured me it’d be fixed soon. Also, the old man at the fitness center/sauna area was very nice and helpful.
The Facilities: There are 2 massive swimming pools, they are perfect if you enjoy taking a swim. The sauna was nice, and there is a staff member to assist you with it, cost is 50 baht per person per use. The fitness center is ok, it’s outside and it has just the basic gym stations. There are 2 snooker tables. There is a buffet restaurant every night for 500 baht per person, many great thai cuisine. There is also a free buffet every morning too. Taruer Tangkae restaurant has Chinese, Thai and European foods.
The Bathrooms: all were clean and nice

Conclusion: In conclusion, for approx 2000 baht per night, I think Hinsuay Namsai Resort was a great value and I will be staying here again for any future trips to Rayong

Extras: Free wifi in lobby. Free breakfast buffet for 2 people per room.

Pics from the scenery, and from the buffet and lobby pics from Hinsuay

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