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Thailand Pet Expo 2010 Pics

July 24, 2010

The Thailand Pet Expo 2010 was filled with tons of people today, Saturday July 24th. Every aisle was jam packed and there were mini traffic jams of people, pets, big dogs, little dogs and pet strollers. It was a lot of fun, to see everyone’s beautiful animals, whether it was the big huskies and great danes, or the most popular little dogs like the pommeranian (poms).

The fashion show was nice, with young models modeling cute new dog handbags and even had a show of some hip hop dancers and a dog riding in an automatic car!

I would like to thank Boonma ( Moving and storage company for giving us our cute little stuffed animal teddy bear, and to all the exhibitors for putting a great show, all the fans and customers for showing great support for these wonderful little cuties and also, thank you to the animals, pets are a great friend and family member to all of us, if you give a pet the chance, they will love you unconditionally for the rest of your life!

Also, please support The Society for Promotion of Animal Welfare, SCAD Bangkok, and PETA Asia Pacific (PAP)

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One Response to “Thailand Pet Expo 2010 Pics”

  1. Sorry ya’ll, I didn’t make it on the final day of the expo. Did anyone go on Sunday? How was it? any pics? please submit them here, we’ll post them all

    Thank you.

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