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Huge Thai model named “Chompoo” I see her Esplenade today!

August 7, 2010

I just seen the big Thai star and celebrity model named Chompoo Areeya at Esplenade in Ratchada today. Just minutes ago. All of us living here or visiting here in Thailand see Chompoo Areeya on adverts all over the cities, but to see her in person was a bit surreal, very neat.

She’s even more pretty in person!

Now I’d also love to see Pachrapa Chaichua someday, aka Aum, pleaseeeee!!!!

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3 Responses to “Huge Thai model named “Chompoo” I see her Esplenade today!”

  1. i was with you when i saw her 🙁 she so pretty most beautiful model in thailand

  2. Yea, Chompoo got it going on!!! She looked nice as she took picture with the MK Restaurant worker dude

  3. Well yeah, she is definitely the most popular model in Thailand, and absolutely gorgeous, i’d give my left nut to enjoy 1 cup of coffee with her someday eieieiei 🙂

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