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Ko Khun Beef Restaurant

October 11, 2010

Ko Khun
“Kohkhun Kunthong Heaven for the Beef Lover”
Open everyday 4pm – 12:00am midnight
Website: (website currently offline)

Ko Khun Beef

Ko Khun beef restaurant

The Menu: The menu is filled with soups, salads, and plenty of Ko Khun beef options, rib eye, thin sliced beef, bacon, marinated beef, and beef teriyaki. The fish with spicy seafood sauce was delicious, ALL the beef grilled (fried) on the skillet on top of coals right in front of you was delicious, the sizzling meats cooked and even popped little oil sizzles onto the table and sometimes onto your arms. The food is top notch! The menu is 100% in Thai language only.
What I Ate:
The Staff: The staff appeared very friendly and helpful, but mostly do not speak English, this restaurant is great, but definitely not targetted for foreigners
The Bathroom: The toilet here is clean and does have tissue (for you girls)



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2 Responses to “Ko Khun Beef Restaurant”

  1. Wow, this shit looks GREAT!!! I heard Ko Khun beef company is famous in Chiang Mai and Bangkok Thailand, so this must be true? Is there any of these places in Ratchada area?

  2. Hey BeefLover, yes Ratchada has a Ko Khun restaurant in Ratchada soi 4 next to Snop nightclub. That’s my favorite Ko Khun location. 🙂

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