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Somboon Seafood Ratchada

February 28, 2011

Somboon Seafood Ratchada
“Bangkok’s best fried crab curry”
Open everyday 4:00pm – 11:30pm
Call: 02-692-6850-3
Address: I visited the Ratchada Branch Somboon Seafood, located at 167/9-12 Huay Kwang Intersection, Ratchadapisek Rd., Din Deang, Bangkok 10320. There are 5 Somboon locations , in Bantadthong, Surawong, Ratchada, Udom Suk, and Sam Yan. You can see each location and address here.

Somboon Seafood

Sombood Seafood is a famous Chinese / Thai crab curry and seafood restaurant in Bangkok. The business began in 1969 at Sam Yan location and became well known with it’s specialty, the fried curry crab. With over 40 years in business you can already understand that Somboon and company know how to make quality food and satisfy their customers. And now with 5 branches, you can find Sombood Seafood all over Bangkok, in Bantadthong, Surawong, Ratchada, Udom Suk, and Sam Yan

The Menu: Somboon menu has every seafood you could imagine, from seabass, to grouper, shrimps, oysters, cockles, frog, and of course their specialty, fried crab curry!
What I Ate: Fried morning glory (pad pak boong fai dang), some crab in yellow curry sauce, stir fried fresh water prawns with garlic and chili, steamed sea bass in lemon sauce and a few more dishes you can see in the pics below
The Staff: Somboon staff was very friendly and helpful
The Bathroom: The bathrooms here are very clean and on the 3rd floor


Extras: none

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