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Hippopotamus Restaurant

March 30, 2012

Hippopotamus Restaurant & Grill
“Your favorite place to enjoy lunch and dinner with family and friends”
Open everyday: Everyday 10am – 10pm
Website: (French language website) and facebook page here in English.
Call: 021083050
Address: 7th Floor, Central Plaza, Grand Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand 10310 (MRT Phra Ram 9 station – MRT พระราม 9)

Here is what Hippopotamus has to say: “Hippopotamus is a reputable French grill & restaurant. Get ready for a new experience in French dining. We will make sure you enjoy every meal. We treat you like family. Served with a selection of quality food for everyone. The prices are reasonable. Modern style decoration and friendly atmosphere. Hippo LOVES You!

The Menu: You can find some nice specialty burgers with great sauces, BBQ ribs, fishes, steaks, seafood steaks, some very unique appetizers and also desserts.
What I Ate: I ate the Hippo Burger Classic, With ratatouille cheese sauce & peppercorn sauce, this comes with choice of 2 sides, I have french fries and veggies. Also we ordered the appetizer combo with spring rolls, some bbq chicken wings, fried calamaris, and some fried potato & cheese things. The burger may have been 1 of the best tasting cheeseburgers I’ve eaten in Thailand. It was delicious and everything else was great too. I love the sauces! Prices for burger platters were about 350 – 400 baht.
The Staff: The staff was nice and friendly, always smiling. There was also a live band playing some soft rock songs, all English language songs.
The Bathroom: Need to use clean Central Plaza bathrooms

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