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Help rebuilding Khun Ruens dog island shelter

May 17, 2012

I got an email last week, about something the people of Thailand, tourists, locals, residences, everyone should take part in, that is helping the animals effected by those horrible floods.

Here’s an exerpt from the email I received:

“The Bangkok floods have now disappeared and we hope for no reoccurrence this year. Thank you for your support during the floods. With your help thousands of animals were saved!

The cleanup work continues and Soi Dog continues to help dogs that were affected by the disaster.

An outstanding task remains from the floods; the rebuilding of the dog shelter at what became known as Dog Island. Dog Island had been a temporary refuge for hundreds of dogs displaced by the Bangkok floods. The dogs on Dog Island captured the worlds attention and became symbolic of all the animals affected by the flooding.

The area where Dog Island is located is called Putthamonthon (often called Buddha Monthon). Putthamonthon is a huge Buddhist Temple complex in the Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand, west of Bangkok. Putthamonthon is the center of Buddhism in Thailand.

Prior to the floods a woman named Khun Ruen operated the shelter at Putthamonthon relying on the generosity of the community to help feed and care for the dogs. Unfortunately the Putthamonthon shelter was almost completely destroyed by the floods and Khun Ruen’s dogs were moved to the temporary rescue centre at WFFT south of Bangkok. Pictured below is Khun Ruen visiting her dogs at the temporary facilities.

Soi Dog has committed to rebuild thePutthamonthon shelter and I am asking for your help today in doing so.

Khun Ruen spends 7 days a week selflessly caring for the dogs at Phuttamonthon. Will you help Khun Ruen to keep fulfilling her promise to the animals in her care? Please consider helping Khun Ruen by donating to the Phuttamonthon Shelter appeal today and help these now all but forgotten dogs.”

Please take a moment to watch this short video of the evacuation of Khun Ruen’s dogs during the flood crisis:

A few pictures of the dogs and Soi Dogs foundation

Please Donate Here

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