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I will be visiting Myanmar for the very first time soon

June 25, 2013

I want to visit this awesome looking temple!

Travelling – this is practically what I live for. As you can see in my blog, I take pride in whatever fun and knowledge I can share with those who view it. I have come to a point where I want to expand my horizons and learn more about other countries, not just Bangkok. Being a traveler by heart and by blood, I want to start widening my knowledge about this continent. So I went online and decided to go where there is more nature than civilization and I decided that my first stop would be Myanmar.

In my interest, I wanted to know more about the place so that I could set up an itinerary. As expected, I came across many websites about Asia and Myanmar but I didn’t know that everything I wanted to find was in this English based Myanmar Forum. There are many Burmese people in the forum who are talking about their everyday lives. Of course, there are also tourists like me.

In my search, I was able to list down hotels, how much I need to spare for my accommodation, the places I need to visit for food delicacy tasting, a little bit of nightlife, security and of course, visa information. I wanted my trip to run as smoothly as possible that’s why I was this obsesses about setting it up. Right now, I have too many destinations listed and I only have 1 week for vacation so I’m trying to narrow it down as much as I can. However, it is just so hard to decide so I think I might just extend my leave! I hope I enjoy and can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys.

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One Response to “I will be visiting Myanmar for the very first time soon”

  1. What can i help you as a myanmar people i also have a planing to fly moment i were have in phuket my i will start to fly to yangon myanmar with my thai nation friends he also want to about about myanmar affair amd also he will be first time to visit to fly what can i help you….you can contat me
    Best regard

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