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Nunglen and Escobar Nightclub

October 29, 2009

Nunglen & Escobar Nightclub
Open Daily 8pm – 2am
Call: +662 711-6564
Address: 217 Ekamai Rd. North Wattana Sukhumvit 63 BKK

Nunglen is a hip and nice Thai disco in Ekkamai road. It has 2 buildings with a little smoking area outside in the middle area. When you walk in, you must show your drivers license or ID card to get in, so be sure to take it, they seem pretty strict about it. On the left side is the building with the live bands, it’s SUPER loud and gets VERY packed full of mostly thai party people, so packed that it’s very difficult to get back to the bathroom in the back corner, it’s taken me 15 minutes to get back there once, that is when I decided I wont ever go into that part ever again hehe. The girls there are amazing, very gorgeous compared to most other thai discos I’ve been to. The right side building has 2 levels, bottom level has a bar and a DJ, and upstairs has the bathrooms, they are decent but sometimes have to wait in line. While upstairs you can lean over the railings and look down and “people watch” while talking and drinking ice cold beers with your friends.

The Menu:

What I Ate: I didnt eat anything there, only drinking my ice cold corona’s
The Staff: Decent, nothing special but they are always very busy, so sometimes busy people lack the “friendliness feeling”
The Bathroom: There are 2 areas, 1 in each building, they are decent but nothing special, they really should invest in bigger and better bathrooms imho


Tips: BRING YOUR ID!!!!! and if you would like a table I advise you to get there VERY early, especially on weekends, maybe 8pm you should get there

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