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Sakura Japanese Restaurant

August 26, 2009

Sakura Japanese Restaurant
Open Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm
Call: 0-2642-2006
Address: Robinson Ratchada GF Fl. (More locations listed here)


The Menu: The Sakura menu has all the best japanese foods you can imagine, japanese steaks and salmons with very tasty sauces, tons of different sushi rolls and temaki, even some more exotic stuff like eel and more!
What I Ate: I had the california urimaki (roll) and also the salmon pepper steak, both are delicious as always! VERY arroy mak mak!
The Staff: Very friendly and cute waitresses at most Sakura restaurants, but I’ve never encountered a Sakura staff member that can speak English
The Bathroom: I actually havent seen a bathroom (hongnam) inside Sakura Robinsons, but you need to walk outside and use the Robinsons Mall public bathrooms


Extras: Sakura does have a membership / VIP card, so if you eat there a lot, I’d highly suggest getting the card, it’s 200 baht, and you get 10% discount when paying cash, and 5% discount when paying with credit card, and it’s usually valid for 1 year after your purchase

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2 Responses to “Sakura Japanese Restaurant”

  1. I was eating at Sakura Chikuhou Ichidai Ramen at Robinsons Ratchada branch tonight around 8pm, and I must say they have absolutely the worst service in the world!

    1. It took us 10 minutes after we sat down before we finally get the menu
    2. I they forgot 2 drinks and 2 meals that we ordered
    3. When we ready for the checkbin, it take us 15 minutes waving and motioning for them, until finally i have to go to the cashier and ask for the check myself

    Left 0 baht tip, they automatically take 10% service charge fee, I wanted to ask for that back.

    It was horrible!

    Other than that, the food was tasty but I probably wont go there ever again, at least not that Sakura branch

  2. Wow that sucks! I always get decent (not good, not bad) service when I’m there, but usually i’m there at less busy hours, that is 1 reason i like to skip the high busy hours in Bangkok. So we can agree, Sakura Restaurant service is fail, but food is pretty good.

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