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Kuang Seafood Huay Kwang

August 28, 2009

Kuang Seafood
Open Daily 17:00pm – 04:00am
Call: 02-715-8555
Address: Ratchada Soi 12 (EDIT: Kuang Seafoods moved locations to Ratchada Soi 10)


The Menu: Of course the menu is filled with great seafoods, and you can even choose your own crabs and some fishes. One of my favorite dishes is the raw shrimps in a lemon sauce with spicy seafood sauce. The menu has pictures too so that helps out quite a bit, just point to what you want
What I Ate: I ordered the raw shrimp in lemon sauce with garlic and spicy seafood sauce (goong minnao pet pet) and also fried shrimp with a honey-style dipping sauce. Afterwards had the fresh mango with sticky rice, that is SO delicious. I am always very satisfied with all the foods at Kuang Seafood
The Staff: They aren’t very English saavy but usually they can get the job done, just point to the pictures of what you want on the menu.
The Bathroom: The bathrooms here are typical Thai style restrooms, make sure you only use it for “#1” and they have decent sinks too

Conclusion: This is one of my favorite local restaurants in the Ratchada area, I frequent Kuang Seafood (Kwang Seafood) about once or twice a week. See you there!!! And I love that it’s open so late!!

Extras: none

Kuang Seafood mango and sticky rice

Kuang Seafood mango and sticky rice

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One Response to “Kuang Seafood Huay Kwang”

  1. EDIT: Kwang Seafoods has moved to Ratchada soi 10, new building 4 levels tall.

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