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Gazebo Nightclub

November 30, 2009

Gazebo Nightclub
“International restaurant bar music bands club”
Open Daily 8pm – 2am
Website: and Gazebo Facebook here
Call: +66 (0)2 629 0705
Address: 44 Roof Top, Jakrapong Rd., Pranakorn Bangkok 10200

Gazebo Nightclub is right around the corner from Kao San Road, it’s a great place to sit and chill, smoking shisha and watching the band under the gazebo’s, it’s an open air rooftop area and the bands are usually pretty good. For those that prefer the clubbing scene rather than live bands, you can head inside and they have the DJ mixes and dance club area too. I don’t really like paying entrance fee, but Gazebo might actually be worth the 300 baht entrance fee. It is actually voted and ranked as the #2 best bars in the world at Lonely Planet, the article is here

The Menu: The menu is packed full of thai dishes, and lots of appetizers and finger foods. Also some pastas and some international foods. They have just about any drink and cocktail you could ask for!
What I Ate: I didnt eat anything there, only drinking my ice cold corona’s
The Staff: They are sometimes there for you, sometimes not, Friday and Saturday nights it’s almost impossible to get drinks sometimes
The Bathroom: The bathrooms there at Gazebo are pretty nice, I approve them!!!



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3 Responses to “Gazebo Nightclub”

  1. I would steer well clear of this place. Despite their PR guff about Lonely Planet there are two main issues:

    1. It really is NOT up to the hype, is a tad overpriced and down at heel

    2. The door staff have a reputation for extremely violent and often random beatings, in a number of cases involving people who were completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Baseball bats and bottles used by the staff here have resulted in more than a few hospital visits, over and above the average one would expect.


  2. Do you happen to have any pictures? I seen your post on ThaiVisa forums, are you Nick100?

  3. I’ve been informed that “Flipflop” is a desgruntled ex-employee of Gazebo


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