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Drugged and robbed by 2 ladyboys

December 6, 2009

Thailand never ceases to amaze me! This time I was drugged, had all 4 of my jeans pockets sliced open with scissors (or a knife) to easily remove everything in them, including my cell phone, digital camera and over 20,000 Thai baht

I’ve always heard to be careful around ladyboys and that they are more capable of shit like this, but now it’s become reality, changing my simcard/phone etc and have to start building up all the info/contacts shit again.

I’ve done some research and by the sounds of this “Rohypnol” I think that is what is used, because of the extreme “hangover” feeling I had afterwards.

Just a tip to you partying in Thailand, and anywhere for that matter, BE CAREFUL, and remember that there’s always more of a chance things like this will happen when you are out alone, and drinking too much.

from Jacob (England)

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One Response to “Drugged and robbed by 2 ladyboys”

  1. OMG what an unfortunate yet hilarious experience!!! Jacob, you’ve definitely got to be careful when out at the bars, drinking too much, Thailand (especially Pattaya) has a tendancy to suck you in, then spit you out, if you are not careful enough

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