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Barbq Plaza (BBQ Plaza)

December 8, 2009

Barbq Plaza or BBQ Plaza
“Official restaurant of Bar B Gon”
Open Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm
Call: 0-2954-1333
Address: Robinsons Ratchada, ground floor near MK Restaurant. All BBQ Plaza branches listed here

Bar-B-Q Plaza is my absolute favorite fire place Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu restaurant in the world, it’s a chain restaurant so you can find them all over Thailand, TONS are in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Khon Kaen, and everywhere, so you have a great advantage if you fall in love with BBQ Plaza as I have

The Menu: The menu is filled with fresh sliced meats, such as chicken, pork tenderloin, ham, beef, bacon, seafoods such as fresh shrimp, mahi-mahi, squid, and many others, veggies such as baby corn, lettuce, noodles and you can get other dishes like gyoza, fried bacon with a tasty sauce, and pork neck with a spicy sauce which is delicious! I can go on for days! Please just visit and find out for yourself, I have absolutely nothing to benefit by saying all this stuff, it’s truly my fav!
What I Ate: I usually get a little of everything I mentioned above, and I mix and match those, all are my favorites hehe, best foods in Thai!
The Staff: The staff is always very friendly and helpful, but never can speak English, so you’ll have to use your point finger to point at the things you want hehe
The Bathroom: Usually they have outside bathrooms that you’ll need to use since most BBQ Plaza’s are inside shopping malls and shopping centers

Barbq Plaza is the best! It has fresh meat and veggies and the sauce is fantastic, you can mix in as much garlic and chili’s as you want, and their restaurants are located just about everywhere in Thailand. It’s easily my personal favorite restaurant in all of Thai 🙂

Extras: If you often go to Bar-B-Q Plaza then be sure to pay the 100 baht to get the VIP discount card, you save 10% on all cash bills, or 5% on all credit card bills, and they expire 1 year after the day you purchase it. Also, if you use that card enough and gain enough points, you can get a free Bar B Gon stuffed toy

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2 Responses to “Barbq Plaza (BBQ Plaza)”

  1. I was just there today, and I’m very happy to let you know, BBQ Plaza now has fresh salmon, 6 pieces for 89 baht, it was delicious especially when you dunk into to their bbq/spicy/garlic sauce, mmmmmmmmm
    Pic of their salmon:

  2. I think the chicken is their best value, big pieces of meat for only 40’something baht, for those of you that just love dunking stuff into the sauce, this is the best value in my opinion

    Just had it today, aroi mak mak!

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