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BNE Was Here

February 18, 2010

So today I’m walking around from Wireless Rd all the way back to Ratchadapisek, and I’m wondering what the hell is this “BNE” and “BNE Was Here” stickers and graffiti that is all over Bangkok city? Does anyone have any idea? I’ve searched the net and I’ve found nothing that explains it.

Some pics I took today:

Anyone know the insider about what this is all about? Please contact us

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7 Responses to “BNE Was Here”

  1. It’s not just here in Thailand. BNE Was Here was plastered on well known international destinations like San Francisco, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chiang Mai. They’ve created international mystery. ABC news even did a story on it. I don’t think anyone knows the answer to what it is yet, but some versions of the stickers are accompanied by Chinese/Kanji characters. So, there are speculations that the person/group came from China or Japan. Some people even said it’s from Brisbane airport in Australia, done by street artists.

    Doesn’t look like street art to me…

  2. Hmmmmm, well that’s huge, ABC news did story on it, wow……. I do assume also that it’s a huge group, it’s got to be MASSIVE, i mean, with all the stickers and graffiti everywhere, i was in Sukhumvit last night and seen so many graffiti, BIG graffiti everywhere, i want to catch somebody who’s drawing the graffiti and ask them about it LOL

    Wish me luck!

  3. BNE was here

  4. BNE was here:

  5. Thanks for the article Looper 🙂

    So that’s the guy huh, wow, and only $2500 reward, wtf is that hahahaha

  6. I live in Bangkok. This is quite a mystery. I’d like to see who BNE is… 😀

  7. I found out, the famous artist BNE is intended to raise awareness about the lack of fresh water for homeless and poverty stricken people. BNE Water was created in 2011, you can see all about this organization here:

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