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Turkish Kebab Khao San Road

February 22, 2010

Chicken Turkish Kebab
“Tasty turkish kebabs, best on Khao San Road”
Open everyday 2:00pm – 4:00am
Website: none
Call: none
Address: Go down Khao San road, turn at corner of Gullivers Bar going towards Gazebo bar, and you’ll see this place, it’s on Chakkrabong aka Chakkrapong Road

I’ve been coming to this little stall for years now, it’s right around the corner of KSR and Gullivers Bar, open late, and has my favorite spicy chicken kebabs in Bangkok. They are only 50 – 80 baht per 1, depending on the size. You sit down in these little tiny tables and plastic chairs, or sometimes just standing up if they have too many customers. They only serve drinks like pepsi and fanta. If you love kebabs you’ll love this little joint!

The Menu: Only the best chicken turkish kebab wraps ever!!! I drench it with their spicy sauce and veggies!
What I Ate: The kebab of course! It’s wonderful, I sometimes go there late at night to fulfill my cravings!
The Staff: No English spoke, but none is needed, just tell him how many you want, and what size (small or large, leg or yiye)
The Bathroom: none


Extras: none

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5 Responses to “Turkish Kebab Khao San Road”

  1. It’s so THAI style to have an sign saying “49 baht” while the prices are actually between “50 and 80 baht” depending your nationality, time of arrival and current star date. Still it’s worth every penny, they’re so TASTY! That picture makes me water my mouth alone 🙂

  2. Did you ever eat Turkish kebab looks like Turkish kebab ? this is not the real Turkish kebab taste and look , meat and sauces sux as its price. try another one in Bangkok.

  3. Mor, have you tried this place though, i admit i dont eat the kebabs all over the world, but this place really fullfilled my desire that day, aroi mak mak!

  4. How much would it be to take a taxi from BKK airport to Khaosan Road? and how long? Has anyone taken taxi from BKK airport to Khaosan Road? What’s the average price? Is there any cheaper way other than taking taxi? and how long it will take me there?

  5. Hey, from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Kao San Road should take 30-45 minutes I think, depending on traffic and what time of day. Probably 300 baht, plus remember when you take metered taxi from BKK Airport you have to pay extra 50 baht service fee, and possibly tollways too.

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