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Paula Pop Thai Restaurant

May 8, 2011

Paula Pop Thai Restaurant Esplanade
“Great Thai food in Ratchada”
Open everyday 10:00am – 9:00pm
Website: none
Call: 02-660-9399
Address: I visited the Esplanade Ratchada Branch. I am not sure if there are more branches.

Paula Pop thai restaurant is a nice little restaurant in the downstairs food and restaurant area in Esplanada. If you are in Esplanade for whatever reason and you are interested in Thai food, PP is a good choice, and actually there are not many other thai restaurants inside Esplenade, they have mostly suki and japanese restaurants. But to be completely honest, I doubt I will have a go at PP again, unless I’m in the mood for nam prik. In my opinion, thai foods are not best when served inside big high class shopping malls.

The Menu: They have all the basic thai foods you can think of
What I Ate: I ordered the panang moo, it’s a spicy dark curry with pieces of pork, it was not the best. I also ordered the kai jeaw moo saap, that is the thai style omelette with pieces of minced pork, it’s delicious to eat with the nam prik kapi, that is the salso-looking dip in the small bowl, but beware, it tastes nothing like salsa! It’s spicy, and very unique flavorite. It’s not really farang-friendly type of food.
The Staff: All speak mostly only thai language, but very nice and friendly at Paula Pop.
The Bathroom: The bathrooms are very near, the public bathrooms in Esplanade, same level, have 2 locations, very clean and big


Extras: none

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thai friendly
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