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Yentafo Krueng Songe

June 28, 2011

Yentafo Krueng Songe
“For those who love thai noodle”
Open everyday 10:30am – 10:00pm
Call: (02) 690-5870-3
Address: I visited the Ratchada Esplanade branch, but there are 16 locations in Bangkok, you can see a list of all their locations here.


The Menu:
What I Ate: We ordered the main Yentafo thai noodles, it’s similar to the roadside type of kuay teaw noodles that most thai’s love to eat. Also some fried fish cakes with sweet sauce, and some dessert consisting of fresh baked Yentafo bread covered in some super sweet shaved ice and sugars
The Staff: quick service
The Bathroom: You must use the Esplanade public bathrooms, usually very clean and big


Extras: none

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thai friendly
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