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Don’t exchange money at Suvarnabhumi airport

July 24, 2013

When you arrive in Suvarnabhumi airport you’ll see the exchange rates are about 29.40 per $1. A tip that will save you a lot of money is wait til you can find a Super Rich 1965 or Super Rich Thailand shop and get a much better rate. I was there few days ago and seen these rates:

SuperRichThailand: 31.07 per $1usd, it was jam packed with people, and long queue.


SuperRich1965: 31.05 per $1usd, very quick, no line.

These shops are actually directly across the street from each other.

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One Response to “Don’t exchange money at Suvarnabhumi airport”

  1. FYI, they now have a brand new Super Rich Thailand forex money exchange under the Central Praram 9 MRT subway area. You go to the very bottom floor at Central Rama 9 and the area where you cross underneith from Central to/from Fortune, in the middle unground has a little shopping area that now has SuperRich exchange 🙂

    I just seen that today, the rate is 1usd to exactly 36thb (for $100 bills, and it gets worse rate per smaller bills)

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